Ortho-K: 5 Tips on How To Wear Them

Ortho-K, which is an abbreviation for orthokeratology, is a non-invasive and temporary procedure for correcting vision. Ortho-K lenses are specially shaped gas-permeable contact lenses that gradually reshape the cornea’s curvature while you slumber. In contrast to most contact lenses, these lenses are worn only at night and removed in the morning to expose clear vision for the remainder of the day without spectacles or contact lenses. Ortho-K may suit you if you wish to be contact lens-free during the daytime. Your optometrist can help you determine if you are suitable for this treatment. Here are a few suggestions for safely and comfortably donning Ortho-K lenses.

Keep your lenses clean.

Adherence to cleaning instructions is of the utmost importance after receiving Ortho-K lenses. A cleaning kit should include a specialised cleansing solution, a rinsing or submerging solution, eye drops for rewetting, and a clean storage case. Before touching your lenses, you should cleanse your hands. Avoid cleansers that contain oils or moisturisers, as they may leave a film on your lenses. Cleaning your hands with a lint-free cloth is also a good idea. When cleaning your lenses, massage a few droplets of cleaning solution across the front and rear of each lens for at least one minute.

Rinse your lenses completely.

Before wearing or storing lenses that have been adequately cleansed, they must be thoroughly rinsed with water to remove all cleaning solutions. Typically, the rinsing solution is a saline solution devoid of preservatives. If any cleansing solution remains on the lens, it may irritate your eyes, so clean it off thoroughly. If you accidentally get cleaning solution in your eye and it causes irritation or burning, rinse the eye with water or use an eyewash. Consult with your eye doctor about contact lens cleansing to prevent this from happening again.

Keep your lenses in appropriate storage.

After cleaning and rinsing your lenses, you must store them. The proper method to store your Ortho-K lenses is to fill your storage case with new immersion solution and then carefully insert your clean lenses. It is essential to always keep your storage case spotless and sterile. After each use, ensure that the container is completely air-dried to prevent moisture from accumulating and potentially harbouring pathogensIn addition, ensure that your storage container is not exposed to any irritants, such as fragrances or domestic cleaning products.

Wear your contact lenses properly.

As your eye doctor will explain, Ortho-K lenses are intended to be worn at night when your eyes are closed, and you’re sleeping. This is because these lenses apply mild pressure to your eye to reshape your cornea temporarily. Therefore, wearing them for extended periods of time while aware is likely to be mildly uncomfortable. When you wake up in the morning, follow the steps above to properly clean, sanitise, and store your contact lenses before reinserting them that night before bed.

Attend your recommended follow-up visits.

Ortho-K lenses can last up to two years if handled and maintained appropriately. This is one reason why they are so cost-effective in the long run. However, your eye doctor will want to monitor your eyes’ progress attentively. After receiving your lenses, you will need to have follow-up exams every four to six months (or as recommended by your eye doctor) to have your lenses and ocular surface examined, ensure that your eyes are healthy and free of signs of problems, and monitor the progression and efficacy of your treatment.


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