Will You Be Able To Save Money From Importing Drugs?

A drug company (บริษัทยา, term in Thai) is the one involved in activities like drug importation. This practice has been around for many years and certainly for very good reasons. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of importing drugs. They are as follows:

  • Money-saving benefits – One of the reasons why drug importation is practiced is to save money. It sounds contradicting because you are importing drugs, but you get to save money. Well, drug importation companies are the one responsible for making drug importation practice happens. Through them, prescription drugs that are available only from other countries will be brought to home country at make those drugs available to those who need it. if you are going to take into consideration the prices of acquiring drugs overseas and doing it all on your own, you will end up spending more money; not to mention the time and resources. You can skip all these hassles by entrusting your medication needs in the hands of highly reputable drug importation companies.
  • Drug importation is a state implemented activity – When it comes to safety of drug importation activity, you will never have to worry for such activity is a state implemented program. As a matter of fact, the government only allow importation of drugs if and only if it will help consumers save money. The price of imported drugs is almost 30% to 40% cheaper than the typical drugs. 
  • Improvement in the security and safety of drug supply chain – Through drug importation, there has been tight measures about the safety and security of the drug supply chain, especially nowadays that pharmaceutical industry has gone global. The government ensures that there is a secure and safe drug distribution system across all platforms. In fact, there are regulating bodies that ensure to detect and remove potentially dangerous drugs from the distribution system. 

Ensuring the safety and effectivity of drug importation 

Drug importation aims to make drugs, especially prescription medicines affordable and accessible to people who need it the most. This process has been around for quite some time now, even way before drug importation became known to many. Those working in the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare sector in general know that drug importation has helped a lot of people. 

Gone are the days when people need to travel overseas just to access the drugs they need. With the government regulating drug importation, there are now plenty of drug importation companies responsible for bringing drugs from overseas to home country. To make sure that only high-quality drugs are imported, the government has employ measures and created regulating bodies. 

On top of it, not all companies are allowed to import drugs. There are rigorous requirements that should be met. More so, the prices of imported drugs are highly regulated too. The end goal is to make prescription drugs available to those who need it without compromising the quality and without the need to dig a hole in your pocket. It is always after the best interest of patients. 


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