Things to Take Into Account to Claim LTD- Take the Right Steps

State laws give various benefits to employees working in different organizations. These laws facilitate them in the event of injury, accident, death and even disability. Long-term disability is a kind of insurance in which the compensation is awarded to the disabled person, who cannot work because of the injury or accident. Mostly, permanent disability is the major reason considered for LTD. However, it is important to learn about conditions that qualify for LTD so that you can file the right claim with the help of an attorney.

Steps to be taken to file LTD claim 

It might be a tedious task to file a claim and obtain a fair amount of compensation. Some of these steps are discussed below:

Requesting a claim form from your employer

After you have received an injury or met with an accident, due to which you have become disabled, you should get in touch with your employer and try to get an application form. Mostly, it can be availed from the human resource department of your company and this form has all the instructions to fill in the information. Alternatively, you can even find these forms with the insurance company.

Give complete details 

In the form, you will be required to fill in necessary details including your full name, social security number, address, contact details, date of birth, employer details, your occupation, position in the company, job ID, date of accident, nature of injury, details of medical condition, medicines, x-rays, scans, test reports and future estimated costs.  This form will make the basis for your compensation. Hence, it should be accurate and error-free.

Obtain the employer’s statement

Your employer has to fill a portion of the application form such as date of hiring, accident, injury details, last date of work and other benefits you may be eligible to receive. His statements play a vital role in providing you the compensation. He can also mention what the mental and physical requirements of your jobs are.

Doctor’s notes

It is highly recommended to contact your medical officer, who is attending to you. His statements and notes will help strengthen your claim. He needs to give information in the application form such as diagnosis, treatment, surgery, dates of visits, future medical treatment, medicines and other details pertaining to your medical condition.

While submitting your claim form, it is recommended to attach any additional piece of information such as witness’s statement. 

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