What To Know About Gummy Bear Breast Implants Before The Procedure?

gummy bear breast implants

Breast implants have been in the cosmetic industry, but gummy bear breast implants are unique and interesting as a new type of breast implant. If you have decided to get breast implants, refer to a cosmetic doctor and get all the information on them. It is possible that the doctor will suggest gummy bear breast implants to you. Know about these types of breast implants before taking a step towards getting your breasts enlarged.

What are gummy bear breast implants?

Gummy bear breast implants are the ones that use a highly cohesive gel with molecules held together by tight bonds. The gummy bear implants are not edible or interesting like the gummy bear candies. They are given the name gummy bears because they are cohesive and can hold their shape even when you cut them or they accidentally rupture. The shape of the gummy bear implants is just like natural breasts. They are the right choice to give a natural shape to your breasts. These breast implants are slim at the top and get wider at the bottom to give your breasts a full, round shape. The gummy bear breast implants are also called form stable breast implants because they can hold their form even after cutting or breaking.

How are gummy bear breast implants different from traditional breast implants?

The risk of rupture and damage to the traditional breast implant is higher when compared with the gummy bear breast implants. It is also very difficult to detect if any kind of rupture or damage is present on the gummy bear implants. The silicone breast implants are not cohesive, and if they rupture, they can cause a mess inside your breasts. The silicone gel breast implants are not that great at holding their shapes, which is a major issue for patients who get breast implants.

Benefits of gummy bear breast implants

Longevity- The gummy bear breast implants last longer and hold their shape for a longer time. Usually, a traditional breast implant only lasts for 10 or 15 years, and in between, there could be a rupture, which can complicate things for the patient. However, this does not hold true for gummy bear breast implants.

Natural texture and feel– The shape and feel of the gummy bear breast implants are more natural than ordinary breast implants. The gummy bear implants are soft and squishy, which gives a more natural feel to the breast. The patient feels more natural with these implants.

No leakage- The gummy bear breast implants are cohesive, and they hold their shape together. Because of the cohesive nature, there is no chance of capsular contracture, and the implant does not leak. The implant also does not face the issue of implant rippling.


The downside of gummy bear breast implant is that these implants are expensive and not found everywhere. However, if you go to a reputed cosmetic clinic with advanced implant options and tools to use, then you can get these implants. Go to a clinic where the doctor is trained in gummy bear breast implant procedure. Always look for a balance of expertise and affordable rates of getting the implant procedure done. You can talk to your cosmetic surgeon about the options available and choose the best one according to your needs and budget. The Barrett Plastic Surgery Clinic in Beverly Hills has some great options for those who want their breasts augmented.

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